When people ask about Lori Kiser, I tell them that from an early age I learned to value the positive impact owning a business can have on the course of your life and that of others. In addition to your own personal growth and development, you often provide meaningful work and solid jobs for people in your family and in your community. Through business ownership, you become an important part of the health of the economy helping to fuel its ongoing growth. In my mind, it’s an honor to help my clients succeed as that makes the work I do most worthwhile.

Enough of Me Talking About Me

At the end of the day, it’s more important for you to hear directly from my clients how they collaborate with me as a partner. No doubt I learn just as much from them as they do from me.

I am so fortunate to get to focus on what makes me happiest – helping others to succeed.

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One-on-One Coaching and Team Training


How lucky and blessed am I to be a part of an individual’s growth and learning but most of all…it’s helping them “find another way” to solve their sales problems and move up to the next level of selling! What a blast!


Thank you for the great information you provided. I enjoyed your time with us in Ft. Lauderdale and really loved your presence and teaching. Lori Kiser gave us lots of insight to the way we could enhance our sales process. I especially like the idea of other ways to determine whether folks can afford our franchise. But, more than anything, I loved hearing all the stories! Your friendliness really allowed us all to open doors to rooms we hadn’t shared with each other. That made our team instantly STRONGER.

Terri Maldonado
Franchise Development Specialist

From Early Stage Development to Multi-Unit Expansion


My role as an Executive Coach gives me the wonderful opportunity to serve as an advisor, colleague, collaborator and friend with the goal of moving an Emerging Franchisor into Rock Start status giving each franchisee the chance to truly live the American Dream! It’s one of the most rewarding experiences in life.


Lori Kiser has helped Romp n Roll understand the complex nuances that are involved in strategy for early stage franchisors. As a team, we have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions for our growing franchise system. She asks the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions.

Michael Barnett
Co-Founder and CEO
Romp n’ Roll


As an original Advisory Board Member, it was my pleasure to help Joe transition the company as he orchestrated a buyout from his largest competitor throwing open the door of opportunity for his franchisees! A big success for all parties.


Lori Kiser’s experience in such a wide array of “seats” in the franchising world gives her a one-of-a-kind perspective. Lori has been a franchisor, franchisee, vendor, and leader of a franchise broker network. It is this experience, plus her energy and enthusiasm that enables her to get results and make the journey fun along the way.

Joe Keeley
Founder & GM
College nannies+sitters+tutors

I Work with You In Every Stage of the Game

I work with you to support you as you’re getting started and throughout the different cycles of your franchising growth. From helping you to understand the importance of adding franchisees that fit your culture to supporting you as you implement basic operational systems. From helping develop basic operating manuals to new franchisee training. I’m here to help.

A Sampling of My Service Areas

Here are just a few of the areas where Lori Kiser has helped emerging franchisors:

Let’s Find the Best Way to Work Together

Your franchise business may just be getting started or you may be fortunate enough to already have franchisees in operation. In either case, there are always opportunities to get to the next level. And, I have gotten quite good at helping people get to that next level.

Franchising Is What I Know

I’ve spent a lifetime (literally!) in the franchising world. At twelve years old, I spent my days in our family owned 7-Eleven store serving up original Coke Slurpee’s to people in Detroit, Michigan. Fast forward decades and today the same starry-eyed entrepreneur is a grown-up, experienced entrepreneur, albeit with a few more gray hairs. With franchise experience owning, selling, training and everything else in between – more than likely, I’ve been in your shoes. I can relate to the ever-changing face of franchising, its pitfalls and its joys. I found my calling.

Franchising is What I Love

My work combines three areas of my career that I love and that have also proven to be my most successful ventures: Selling franchises as owner of Rapid Refill along with being the sales lead at Carlson, serving as president of the most successful consultant/broker in franchising and my training and practice as a Certified Coach.

  • Revolutionary proprietary training guide
  • Specific, unique and actionable plans
  • Achieve and surpass sales goals

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