It is easy to speak about a subject when it’s your passion and purpose.

From serving as an executive in my own 100+unit franchise business to my various roles overseeing hundreds of franchisees and sales consultants, I teach others about overcoming the challenges in our industry because I’ve already overcome them and have the scars to prove it.

Speaking from the Heart

I have learned that people don’t decide to buy because they’re impressed with a bunch of numbers and percentages on a spreadsheet. Rather, people buy with their hearts (and guts.) When I work with franchise development professionals, I help them uncover with their candidates what cannot be easily recognized. Selling franchisees into any system is a combination of both art and science.  The goal is to help candidates understand their own “whys.”

Traditionally, selling franchises feels forced and pressured. But there is a way for a more collaborative and authentic relationship with your client. With honesty and mutual respect, you gain the trust you need. You can truly inspire your candidate to uncover how franchising is their key to creating the life they envision. This is my passion and my purpose in life.

Successful Franchising Comes Down to Successful Franchisees

As a guest speaker, I spend just as much time walking around the room getting to know people and what’s important to them, as I do speaking from the dais. My best “speeches” are those where people enjoy the opportunity to exchange ideas, to challenge, and to learn.

I believe it’s time to take an honest look at the true cost of franchises and the tremendous cost of allowing unqualified candidates to get into the downstream sales funnel – or worse, allowing unqualified candidates into the franchise system. I’ve personally watched the wrong franchisees at my own company fail and it was heartbreaking and expensive for both sides. It doesn’t have to be that way. And, taking the time to tackle these often-overlooked topics makes my presentations unique.

Speaking Engagements

I’ve been a featured speaker, a panel moderator and a panel member. To name but a few, here are some example conferences where I’ve participated:

  • IFA Conventions
  • IFE Expos
  • The Franchise UnConference
  • Faegre Franchise Summit

I will help make your next conference or meeting unique and meaningful.

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