The Real Obstacle in Franchise Sales

Friday, June 15, 2018


What I see in our industry is that there isn't enough help to overcome the real obstacle in franchise sales. There are literally a thousand ways that you can find prospects and build your sales pipeline. Most companies who claim to help franchisors are really just an engine for matching candidates to a dozen possible franchise systems. And for most franchisors, that is what they say or think they need: more franchise candidates.

But that won't build a successful system.

Because the real obstacle in franchise sales comes after you have a prospect. A name and a phone number is not the same as having a conversation with a candidate that is as effective at getting at what matters. Great franchises build a fast personal connection to candidates.

My insider system can teach you to build trust quickly with franchise candidates. Interpersonal skills and even humor can uncover a candidate's real motivation. I know that building a franchise is much more than a numbers game. Success comes when you help people through the fear and anxiety of becoming a business owner. Because that is the real obstacle in franchise sales.

Some "successful" franchisors steamroll candidates and use tactics that work to close deals. But when franchisees are not properly screened, franchisees fail or territories languish. There is a cost to the franchise system. As someone who has worked with thousands of candidates, I know how to be efficient in building rapport, getting to the heart of what matters and then guiding candidates on a path that sets them up for success.

When you're frustrated that prospects are not becoming franchisees or your system is suffering because franchisees are not succeeding in your system as you expect, it is time to contact me. I can help you reach your growth plans by overcoming the real obstacle in franchise sales. Together, we can ignite growth.