It Ain't Me, Babe

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Becoming a Top Sales Producer

One of the keys to becoming a top sales producer is knowing when to stop engaging with a candidate that just isn't right. Sales developers desperate to close deals will contort the candidates and the opportunities to pound those square pegs into round holes. And we know how that turns out.

"Focus means saying No....Success is letting go."

Becoming a top sales producer by accurately judging the "fit" in your first couple of conversations. When it is not right, have an elegant exit strategy. The words you use to pass on a candidate can add value to their encounter with you or demoralize them. When a future franchise owner is not right for you, move them to a better opportunity - fast. Every prospective franchise owner could end up being  successful in the right system. So honor their exploration and respect the time they spent with you.

Say Goodbye with Love

Once you determine that there is no more to be gained by continuing for you or the candidate, have a plan. (2 Rules: Always have a script. Never use the script.) Be honest.

It's good to stay current with a diverse network in the industry. If they are not right for you, do you know a different franchisor that might be a better fit?  Maybe an associate would appreciate a qualified referral? Or perhaps the best advice is to recommend that they return to corporate America to save more money before taking the risk of becoming a business owner.

What is unproductive for you and your candidate is to extend the conversations. Because talking more will not make them more prepared to succeed if they don't have the skills or dedication or finances needed to succeed in your system. That only reduces the amount of time you could be spending with viable candidates. And extending the "long goodbye" isn't actually kind for your candidate either.

If they are truly ready to make a commitment to a new business, they need to find it and move on to the next chapter in their life. If not, then they need time to reconsider and make new plans. In any case, extending talks with you will not help them get to where they need to be.

After all, both you and your candidate need to let go of what is not right - for either of you.