Stop Selling. Start Communicating

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Stop Selling It’s summertime and so many of us are spending time at BBQ’s,  graduations, weddings, neighborhood gatherings and lots of other events where you may or may not know the other guests. This presents the perfect opportunity to practice your sales skills…WHAT WHAT?? You say. "I go to parties to stop selling." But hear me out. I’m not suggesting that you become “that” guest who is ready to pounce on unsuspecting party guests and puke out your elevator talk. Nor do I want you to pull out your smartphone and start showing your sales slides. NOPE. I am suggesting that you practice some communication techniques. You see, I’ve watched the highest earning, award winning, wildly successful sales development folks never come close to what the world labels as “selling”. In fact, if there is one thing I know about the top producers in the franchise industry it’s that THEY NEVER SELL. That’s right. The people who are having the most fun in the franchise industry stop selling franchises to potential candidates. And they’re making the most money. That’s because they know the key is having relevant conversations with candidates that go beyond platitudes and trivia. They don’t waste time by re-stating the obvious, easily found information about their company that could be obtained online by my 11 year old granddaughter. (Don’t laugh, sadly this is done by many so-called professionals.) They have:
  • A strong curiosity that allows them to connect on a level that’s truly different.
  • An interest in helping others.
  • A way of building a bond that allows the candidate to share information they probably have not ever said out loud before. Not just what they love, hate or  fear. But “why” they feel that way and how it intersects with the dreams and desires. When you reach that level of communication with your candidate, it isn’t selling. It’s MAGIC.
Repeat after me: your job isn’t to sell a franchise. If you are exhausted by the same results you are probably having the same conversation over and over. Some smart cookie called that Insanity. If you find yourself talking endlessly about who the franchisor is, how they started, what the future could be for the franchisor – then you are not closing deals. Stop Selling. Because this isn’t about the franchisor. It is never about them. It is about the candidate. Your job is to become so close to your candidate that you can serve them the right opportunity that they will sell to themselves. Because once you know what that candidate truly wants and what they will do to get it, you can make a match that sells itself. If you’re tired of selling. If you’re not having fun. We need to talk. Because when you change your approach, then you will be more productive. Ready to have more fun?